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PRESS RELEASE: Monrovia Memorial Hospital celebrates five years of service and continued growth.

September 18, 2013—October 3, 2013 marks the five year anniversary of Monrovia Memorial Hospital’s opening. Monrovia Memorial Hospital is a 49 bed general acute care hospital with 4 ICU beds and 2 surgery suites. Formerly known as Monrovia Community, the building itself had been closed and left to deteriorate for over 3 years until the current owners purchased the Hospital through bankruptcy court in 2007.

Leading the charge for growth and development, Monrovia Memorial has matured from ten employees, to currently one of the larger employers in the city with over 230 employees. Ron Kupferstein, CEO, cites the hospital’s success on the high quality of patient care provided by top notch physicians and supporting staff. “Quality patient care is our number one priority,” he states.

Monrovia Memorial is also the only hospital of its type in southern California to host the CareView monitoring system for patients. CareView is an innovative approach to prevent patient falls using virtual bedrails for at-risk patients. The system also includes the ability to help prevent bed sores which could be life changing for many bed bound patients.
Monrovia Memorial Hospital has become a pillar in the community through providing exceptional health care options to our population and consistently giving back to our city. To celebrate their continued success, the owners of Monrovia Memorial will be hosting an outdoor luncheon for employees, city leaders and local neighbors. The media is welcome to come and learn more about Monrovia Memorial and take a tour of the facility.

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