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Monrovia Memorial Hospital awarded 2013 Business of the Year by YMCA

Monrovia Memorial Hospital is honored to be  selected as 2013  Business of the Year by the Santa Anita YMCA.   We look forward to continuing our support of  such worthy organizations as the YMCA.
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Monrovia Memorial Hospital celebrates five years of service and continued growth

September 18, 2013—October 3, 2013 marks the five year anniversary of Monrovia Memorial Hospital’s opening. Monrovia Memorial Hospital is a 49 bed general acute care hospital with 4 ICU beds and 2 surgery suites. Formerly known as Monrovia Community, the building itself had been close
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2013 College Scholarship Award Winners

Monrovia Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the winners of our inaugural  2013 College Scholarship Awards:  Miss Alejandra Lopez and  Miss Jacqueline Valera.  Both of these young women are outstanding candidates and each will be receiving a $5000 scholarship from the founders of M
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