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Our Case Managers evaluate patients based on specific health criteria, to determine if they should be admitted to Monrovia Memorial Hospital.

All of our patients are referred to our hospital by physician order only. We specialize in providing our patients with a high level of multidisciplinary care; therefore, we only admit and treat patients with medically complex conditions.

Case Managers are our patient advocates. As such, they are looking out for the patient’s best interests. The Case Manager’s primary job is to communicate directly with patients, their families and physicians to determine if Monrovia Memorial Hospital is the very best place to handle the patient’s care.

For Patient Referrals, please email Don or fax the patient’s information to (626) 408-9871.

Don Morrison,RN

Area Case Manager

Social Workers at Monrovia Memorial Hospital are an integral part of our health care team.  They provide comprehensive and compassionate services to enhance each patient’s quality of life while they are in our care.  They provide therapeutic support to our patients and family members including: supportive counseling, adjustment to illness support, family counseling, and home care arrangements.

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