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Monrovia Memorial Hospital strives to provide high quality patient care and meet the needs of the communities we serve. We are committed to helping eligible patients who are not able to pay for all or part of their care. Our commitment is to provide financial assistance or partial discounts to eligible patients who are low income, uninsured or under-insured. We offer Cash Discount prices for our patients who do not have any insurance coverage and are not eligible for any other financial assistance. If shoppable services information is needed, visit our website at for Price Transparency information

How to Apply

If you need help paying your medical bills, we have business office personnel available to assist you with the easy process of:

  • Reviewing the eligibility criteria;
  • Completion of the application;
  • Verification of financial need; and/or
  • Review of other payer sources available (i.e., local, state, and federal healthcare programs).

We can help you apply for:

  • Discounts for uninsured patients;
  • Financial assistance; and/or
  • Alternative payment arrangements.

For more information on our Financial Assistance Program and eligibility requirements please contact our Business Office at (626) 408-4800.

Hospital Bill Complaint Program

If you believe you were wrongly denied financial assistance, you may file a complaint with the State of California’s Hospital Bill Complaint Program.

Go to for more information and to file a complaint.

More Help

There are organizations that will help you understand the billing and payment process, as well as the internet webpage for Health Consumer Alliance at

A full range of assistive and communication aids are available to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind, or with other sensory impairments.  There is no additional charge for such aids. Some of these aids include:

  • Qualified sign language interpreters for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Readers and taped material for the blind and large print materials for the visually impaired.
  • Flash cards, alphabet boards and other communication boards.
  • Assistive devices for persons with impaired manual skills.

If you require any of the aids listed above or access to our language interpretation services, please let the receptionist or your nurse know.

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