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Monrovia Memorial Hospital is committed to:

  • Leadership and excellence in delivering high quality compassionate care to all we serve.
  • Improving the health status of our community through ongoing out-reach and educational programs.
  • Providing innovative, technologically advanced healthcare while still maintaining our small town family atmosphere for the comfort and recovery of our patients.
  • Cultivating an environment of exceptional clinical and operational performance.

Our vision is to be a Center of Excellence for healthcare in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • To treat each patient, family member and/or significant other with respect and dignity.
  • To foster an environment of compassion, cultural sensitivity, quality patient care and ongoing patient safety.
  • Provide individualized patient care centered on patient needs and outcomes by all members of our healthcare team.
  • To be the healthcare Provider of Choice in the community.
  • Encourage patients, family members and/or significant others to be part of the decision making process for their healthcare choices.
  • At all times, all members of the healthcare team will will act in a nondiscriminatory attitude, with the upmost devotion to the highest of ethical and moral values.

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